Manly Deeds

The Brothers of the Georgia District continue to follow the aims set forth by the great Jewels of the Fraternity. The Brothers strive to present positive role models for young men to strive for in society.


Scholarships are given out annually to help not only benefit the Brothers of the Georgia District, but also any students who desire to continue their education and proceed through post-secondary education.

Love For All Mankind

Through several charitable efforts and the unrelenting spirit of giving back; the Brothers of the Georgia District seek to help those who are in need of assistance.

Alphas Around Georgia

Rho Sigma Lambda at Voter's Registration

Zeta Mu taking Chapter and Individual Awards at Georgia State Greek Awards
Brothers of Eta Lambda Helping Teens Dress for Success
Nu Mu and Omicorn Phi Lambda at 2013 Alpha Academy Scholarship Reception

Vision Statement

The objectives of this Fraternity shall be: to stimulate the ambition of its members; to prepare them for the greatest usefulness in the causes of humanity, freedom, and dignity of the individual;  to encourage the highest and noblest form of manhood; and to aid down-trodden humanity in its efforts to achieve higher social, economic and intellectual status.

What People Are Saying

There is really nothing like the Brothers of the Georgia District!
Bro. Keith Harris, VP of Finance, Eta Lambda