District Director Bennie G. Hand bennie.hand@alphaga.or
24th Assistant District Director Maurice Nelson
Immediate Past (12th) Georgia District
Ellis B. Albright ellis.albright@alphaga.org
Deputy District Director Sherman M. Lofton, Jr. sherman.lofton@alphaga.org
Executive Director Marco A. Pitts marco.pitts@alphaga.org
Recording Secretary Joseph D. Lindsey joe.lindsey@alphaga.org
Treasurer Donald E. Webster don.webster@alphaga.org
Financial Secretary Gerald L. Yerby
General Counsel/Parliamentarian Ira L. Foster ira.foster@alphaga.org
Senior Advisor to the District Director Joseph E. Patterson joseph.patterson@alphaga.org
Director of Conventions Keith R. Harris keith.harris@alphaga.org
Chaplain Rev. Benjamin E. V Lett benjamin.lett@alphaga.org
Sergeant-At-Arms Shed Dawson, Jr.
Director – Area 1 James W. Ford, II James.ford@alphaga.org
Assistant Director – Area 1
Director – Area 2 Pierre L. Gaither pierre.gaither@alphaga.org
Assistant Director – Area 2
Director – Area 3 Patrick R. Wilkerson patrick.wilkerson@alphaga.org
Assistant Director – Area 3
Director – Area 4 Timothy Jones
Assistant Director – Area 4
Director – Area 5 Fernando C. Verdree fernando.verdree@alphaga.org
Assistant Director – Area 5
Director – Area 6 Alton L. West alton.west@alphaga.org
Assistant Director – Area 6
Director – Area 7 1SG (ret) Marvin M. Jones, II marvin.jones@alphaga.org
Assistant Director – Area 7
Director – Area 8 Jonathon P. Lawrence
Assistant Director – Area 8
Director of Education Sirocus Barnes  sirocus.barnes@alphaga.org
5th District Director Robert “Bob” Willis  robertawillis@comcast.net
6th District Director Chester A. Wheeler, III  caw31347@live.com
7th District Director Dr. Jerry L. Hardee  jhardee@life.com
11th District Director Ronald M. Natson, Sr.  ron.natson@alphaga.org